Catalog of Works by Vanessa McClintock

This is a collection of music spanning fifty (50) years, nearly a lifetime in the progressive eras of the composer’s output. Original works, all, by American composer Vanessa McClintock. She had a modicum of success and acclaim in the late 1980s into the early 1990s in the Greater Sacramento Area in California, U.S.A., and some international recognition with her "August Requiem" and others, including the soundtrack to an award-winning documentary. Nearly all her work is comprised of original compositions for a wide variety of venues, ranging from solo instrumental to full orchestra. She has done a few arrangements and variations and alterations to some noted works by other composers, but they are few.

This music is not for the athletic musician seeking a platform to display their ability to perform pyrotechnics. Although much of it is challenging, that is not the intent. Rather, the composer has sought to thoughtfully develop and evolve musical ideas throughout each piece. In some ways, much of the music is programmatic, but often after the fact. Common remarks by musicians have always been, "That was harder than I thought." And "The music grew on me each time we played it."  

Her unique compositional voice is evident from the beginning of her work through her mature years as can be witnessed throughout this collection—her life’s work.

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